Unplug and Learn How to Have Fun Again

October 23, 2016

Unplug that video game, put down your phone and learn how to have fun again. It's time to use your imagination, socialize with your friends and family and enjoy a game, puzzle or model kit.

I don't have anything against video games, they can be a lot of fun but we have gotten to the point where we are connected 24/7 and don't know how to have fun unless we are on our phone, in front of a TV or playing video games.  I am as guilty of it as the next guy and that's why we started this site.  When we see our sons and daughters mope around the house with nothing to do because we told them no more video games, it was time to take action. 

We think a lot of other parents are in the same situation so we decided to start this site.  Our site is dedicated to the idea that there is so much more to do and experience in life and we want to bring those to you whether it's in the form of product or blog posts with ideas, we want to be the parenting hub that helps you bring fun back into your kids childhood.



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