December 16, 2016

Chances are you have a few puzzles lying around your home. Traditional jigsaw puzzles have been treasured by families for ages as a way to pass the time together. Here at Unplug Your Fun we love all kinds of puzzles, but we’re especially proud of our tavern puzzles. We think you should add a few of these unique puzzles to your family’s collection.

Tavern puzzles have been around for centuries. They were originally forged by blacksmiths as a way to entertain and challenge visitors to their local inns and taverns. As opposed to a jigsaw puzzle that you assemble on a table or a word puzzle you work with pencil and paper, tavern puzzles are three-dimensional brainteasers made of metal.Today’s tavern puzzles have the same purpose: to provide fun and challenging entertainment. 

Unplug Your Fun has a wonderful collection of tavern puzzles in a variety of difficulty levels. Our puzzles are handcrafted by museum-trained blacksmith Dennis Sucilsky, of Tucker Jones House in New York. Dennis creates both reproductions of antique designs and new puzzles of his own unique designs using American steel. New to tavern puzzles? Start with a basic puzzle. With only a few steps, these introductory puzzles are great for beginners and in social settings. Once you master the introductory puzzles (And get hooked, as we know you will!), up the challenge with our intermediate and difficult puzzles. The Patience puzzle requires just that, with 43 steps required to solve!

We love puzzles purely for the fun they provide, but there are so many additional benefits to playing with puzzles. Tavern puzzles require the user to follow steps in a certain order, which has real-life benefits when applied to other tasks we want our kids to master. Being able to patiently and successfully problem-solve is a key to success in life. In addition,puzzles are great for building cognitive skills, fine motor development, and hand-eye coordination. Working on them as a family strengthens social skills as kids use patience and teamwork to solve the puzzle.

Simply having a puzzle out and ready to go is enticing to anyone who walks by. Our tavern puzzles are perfect for this. There’s no setup required and their fine craftsmanship makes them a beautiful addition to your home. Does your family thrive on competition? Get a few and see who can solve a puzzle the fastest! In a world filled with the latest gadgets and toys that don’t last, it’s wonderful to know that a centuries-old puzzle can continue to amuse and challenge a new generation of adults and kids used to virtual entertainment. They’re another great way to bring back family time. Try a tavern puzzle today and let us know what you think!

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